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Wollongong City Medical and Dental Centre Cleaning

Medical Centers, of course, require the highest standard of cleaning with hygiene being essential. Our high quality chemicals are the basis for our commitment to the required standard. Avoiding cross contamination is vital within a medical Center. Our use of the Color Code Guide is imperative in this situation. Clean, uncluttered floors are essential for safe and efficient movement around the hospital for staff, patients and visitors alike. Wollongong City Cleaning Services clean and mop floors every day when working with hospitals.

Hiring a professional cleaning organization is important to keep your company in a clean and healthy state. A clean workplace place will result in the employees availing less of sick leaves, thereby resulting in increased productivity. Apart from this, hiring ‘commercial cleaners’ proves to be highly cost effective compared to hiring a full time cleaning staff

At WCC we understand that good cleaning is not only that things look clean – but also that they are “technically clean”.

Our aim is to make a statement to patients, visitors and staff of medical clinics of what cleanliness should be. We guarantee good cleaning consistency.

Cleaning of medical facilities is a very specialized service. There are few widely practiced and recommended janitorial procedures for cleaning medical facilities. WCC specialize in servicing all kinds of medical facilities.
The highly trained cleaners at Wollongong City Cleaning are the experts in providing specialist medical cleaning of the highest standard across health centers in Wollongong.

Our professional cleaners will guarantee a sterile and highly sanitized and antiseptics workplace, critical for a medical practice.

We provide premium cleaning services for a range of establishments, including:
  • General Medical Centers
  • Dental Clinics
  • Age Care Centers
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Physicians’ Offices
  • Radiology Centers
  • Pediatric Clinics
  • Veterinary Clinic